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Photo Shoot Management


Aindriya is a ultimate solution for oversee photograph shoots for E-Commerce use. Vast amounts of image solicitations can be managed from one web based solution. Including a computerized RAW development module, an online repair work process (from which your picture taker/correct organization can work from) and an automated image export module.

To engage your e-commerce deals and diminish costs,  A unique solution to manage with the procedure of E-commerce photography. Including an online retouch and endorsement work process and automated image conversion and delivery. Get the maximum out of your web shop and lessen returns by showing the most photo realistic imagery. Boost sales by accelerating the process.

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To represent your organization over the web we put stock in great solid materials and photographs are one of the principle components of a decent site outline. Converse with us how we have functioned with numerous organizations to assemble lovely sites utilizing our photograph shoot enchantment !!

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