How BlackHat SEO ruin your Website

Explains about how BlackHat SEO ruin your website. For the last three years, the digital marketing industry has a growth that highly influenced on SEO/SEM,SMO. This because the growth of internet usage and online purchasing has increased by 65%. Five years before the chance of getting indexed a website on Google was less easy. But now days it has to face high competition and challenges to get better ranking position on search engines. This situation leads the SEO analyst to choose a sudden result obtaining method like black hat SEO. But the people doesn’t bothered about BlackHat SEO ruin your website. Most of the analysts think that, they will get the best result by doing black hat. But the real fact is that the final result of their work is, the search engine will disappear their sites from the indexed pages or maybe leads to block.

There are several types of techniques are available to promote your site, which bring your site on top position from 1000 websites. “Keyword stuffing, Hidden text/Hidden link, Clocking, Duplicate content, Blog spam/Comment Spam” These are major black hat techniques to hardly affect your site. Have you ever thought about vanishing your websites from, google other search engine? The real method of SEO that is White hat will brings ultimate result, but may take some time. The white hat SEO is mainly two types that are off page and on page. In on page the title, meta description, image optimization, url optimization are the relevant factors. But off page works include directory submission, blog, article, social bookmarking, commenting, image sharing, etc. We are the leading SEO company in Kochi. We can offer best SEO services to the clients with White hat techniques, neither their website may be start up or not even listed in search engines.

Websites and apps

Why websites are more important than apps?

Websites and Apps…! Websites are more important that compare to apps. Just imagine that you and your friend went for an outing to some distant place and your friend went missing. After searching for few hours, you became tired and came back to your room. By that time, your friend too returned to the room. This is because for both of you, your room is a common place that both of you know and both of you returns to take rest. Similarly, google is the common place where everyone come back and sits and search for what they are looking for and websites are the first door they open to find your business. If you don’t have a website, it means that you have closed your doors from Google and the internet and someone searching for you won’t be able to find you. They may find you accidentally from somewhere in the form of an app but they missed you most of the time even if you where right in front of their doors.

Most of the Apps actually runs on a website. Websites acts as the back-end for apps. Websites and its database are shared by the apps for retrieving information. Sometimes, apps can be an adaptation of the website itself in a mobile format. Responsive websites can be turned to an app within few hours.

Web designing and your business

How Web designing is related with your business. Websites are the first point of interaction between your business and your clients. If you have a website that looks odd and unfriendly, it is more likely that your visitors will woo away from your website and go elsewhere. This will result in loss of business and will directly affect you in a long run. Websites are the only point of contact for a customer who resides far away from your location. Just imagine that a customer visited your office asking for a product or service that you are selling and your staff at the office was not willing to communicate with your customer and the customer left your office bare handed even if you had the same stuff or service that your customer was asking for. An unfriendly website is like a front office manager who is not willing to talk with your customers and also ask the to leave your premises. Do you want that situation to happen to your business?

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