How to Create Monthly Report For SEO Clients?

Create monthly or weekly report for SEO clients is one of the most important yet easy to mess up tasks in digital marketing. It is quite common to find situations where the client feels enough has not been done on the part of the SEO team even if they have put in the hours. This happens because of a lack of proper communication or presentation of one’s work.

What to Include in an SEO Audit Report:

Professional SEO reporting is key in keeping your clients happy and satisfied. And as long as this is not incorporated into your work all your efforts might go unnoticed or in wine. Currently, the biggest reason for high client dropout rates is poor SEO reporting. Reporting is one of the most overlooked aspects of a service based industry and if not done right can be a huge blow.

SEO is a very complex activity and each of the tasks under SEO have unique parameters of their own also known as Key Performance Indicators or KPIs in short. Keeping track of these individual KPIs and then combining them to see the bigger picture can often be a very hard task.

This is where the right reports come to our aid. Let’s look at the specific heads that you might want to add to your SEO Report.

    1. Keyword Research Report:

      This is by far the most important piece in the entire SEO report. Here an evaluation of the SEO budget is done along with the cost of including individual keywords. Some keywords may be harder to rank for compared to others and some may bring in a highly targeted audience. You might want to make suggestions for removing those keywords that are not cost effective and focus on highly targeted keywords as it would result in better conversion rates.

    2. Competition Analysis Report:

       This is very important as it gives you the overall analysis of what keywords your competitors are currently ranking for. Like bank links that they have on their page, what keywords are being promoted and many other things. This information is what brings clarity to your SEO plan.

    3. Website Audit:

      Doing a website audit will help you cover a number of SEO factors on your website. Although the audit contains mostly on page optimization factors many other factors can be evaluated as well. You will be able to understand the areas that might need improvement and perhaps a small number of changes could turn the tide in your favor.

    4. The impact on search engine traffic:

      A report on how much traffic was lost or gained as a result of the website’s current search engine rankings can be evaluated. It is a well know fact the top three rankings in Google search get the vast majority of traffic. The report should be able to convey the value in being ranked on top through actual estimates.

    5. Reports on Link building:

      This report should contain link source URL, anchor text, a destination URL, the Page rank and a number of external links present on each linking page.

Taking care of all these things before creating that weekly or monthly report for the SEO client can go a long way in retaining them and getting new ones.

Importance of SEO Services & choosing the right company

Importance of SEO services, SEO is a word that has been misunderstood by many in the digital sphere. SEO is important in directing organic traffic from the web to your website resulting in branding and generating a visitor flow to your website. SEO is one of the most affordable traffic generating methods currently available in the market. The ROI (Return On Investment) as far as SEO is concerned is huge and unmatched by other methods.

It goes without saying that your website has to rank on top in order to rake in the benefits of having a good number of potentially relevant visitors to your website. As far as the word “relevant” is concerned we do not want just any kind of traffic, we need to use the right kind of keywords and content to generate a highly streamlined visitor flow that has an inclination to avail the product or service offered by the so called firm or company. Filtering out traffic is key to having a high lead generation rate or conversion rate as far as SEO is concerned.Higher the number of leads or conversions per thousand visitors the better.

Most people have an uncanny perception that websites ranking on top in search engines are reputed and authentic, which is what makes them go for the click. SEO will help a company in establishing its presence on the web really fast but that being said without proper updation it could seriously reduce the website’s rankings.

So the big question is what companies need to keep in mind before attempting to outsource their SEO work to other IT firms or companies?

Importance of SEO Services & SEO Work

Well there are a few important and inevitable points to keep in mind before outsourcing an SEO work to any company.

  • One cannot overstress the importance of quality of the SEO service in generating relevant traffic i.e visitors that might potentially translate into a lead and then finally into a conversion for the company. This is priority and must be seen as indispensable. You don’t need traffic that does you no good except slow down your server.
  •  The other important thing is how the SEO service is priced. There needs to be more buck for bang. For every dollar or rupee that you shell out it has to deliver the maximum value across all verticals.
  • Consistency in SEO services is something that is truly lacking in the current market. Lack of consistency in website rankings can have serious ramifications as far as visitor loyalty is concerned.

If you search for IT firms or companies that have met the rating criteria with all these points you might arrive at a very common conclusion …INDIA.

India is where quality and affordability goes hand in hand. In India there are thousands of firms but what we find is that some regions stand out from others, for instance Bangalore which is known as the Silicon Valley of India. Although Bangalore has become a stereotype as far as quality IT services are concerned, affordability has become a question over the past couple of years mainly due to the high cost of living there and hence the shift of outsourcing jobs to other affordable locations with quality like Kerala for instance. It is not uncommon for work from Bangalore to get re-outsourced to Kerala.

Here at Cochin or Kochi as we have a lot of companies that fall into this class or category. SEO companies at Kochi usually have an edge in quality and affordability unlike the rest of India. The human resource industry is extremely mature with highly skilled labour and a strong veteran base of programmers and IT professionals having served the likes of Google, Microsoft, Oracle to name a few.

We at  Aindriya Marketing Solutions Pvt Ltd.  specializes in the field of quality SEO and we deliver the service at highly competitive prices. Companies based in India and internationally find a trustworthy partner in us.

How to Create Monthly Report For SEO Clients

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What are the best ways to get index your websites on First Page

Explain about the best way to get index your websites on first page:- No one can specify how GOOGLE that crawled your website will be first in Google. How their searching algorithms really work. What are the necessary steps needed to get listed the websites on the top of sites? There are several ways used ways to get index your websites on First Page.

My Website rank is Low How Do I Improve?

Initially, you need to add your sites on webmaster tool and Google Analytics are really important. After that, you should add title meta description and focused keyword, with including the keywords which you want to focus. Then content is really important for your site. Google only support genuine contents, so it is very important to keep away your websites from plagiarism. You must have a page for a BLOG and add new content each week. Content related to your products, services as well as other than that.

It takes time to get a better result. Google bots do not provide an instant result. So you need to work hard to earn better results. Also, follow these steps will improve the results.

  1. Quality Backlinks
  2. Keywords in Page contents
  3. Keyword friendly URL
  4. Lower Bounce Rate