BHIM App – Guidelines to Bug Corrections, Download and Installations

BHIM app- Succeeding 2 months of demonetization, PM Narendra Modi launched BHIM application to make the next stride in digitizing India. BHIM Application or BHIM app full form is  Bharat Interface money, it’s used for send or transfer money without going to bank. Through this UPI payment Solutions, Money can be received digitally through biometric scanners without card swiping in pos machines. People can download BHIM mobile app from google play store.

Individuals in urban areas are now utilizing some well-known applications like Paytm, freecharge, and mobikwik, however, the condition is extremely awful in some rural regions where web or wifi facilities are not yet accessible. On the other hand, if you want to enjoy continuous money transfer and cashless payment experience then go with beam app

Since the application is new it will have a few bugs and the developer team will be fixing it. But we are providing some quick answers for basic issues, let us look at them!

How  to  Solve Bhim app “Device Binding Failed ” Problem?

1] First of all, ensure that you have enabled the internet on your mobile. On the other hand, the application won’t work and you will get the error message.

2] Secondly, check and update your app if any new updates are available on google play store.

3) check your mobile firmware versions.The Beam app works only on android versions that are above 4.1.

3) If the internet speed is slow then there is high chance of getting the error message of “Device Binding Failed “

4] To tackle the issue, you can go through two steps, either uninstall the application and then download it again from play store or clear the data from settings.

Record  does  not  exist  while  picking bank

A large portion of the circumstances you will face issue while selecting bank account. The application will give notification like ‘error fetching bank accounts’ or ‘transaction has failed’. So how to get rid of this problem? Here are few solutions that you can try out to get rid of from this problem

1] While joining on the application, you may have picked a sim card which is not linked to your bank account.

2] So while enrolling the details to the app make sure that you have inserted the sim which you are registered on the bank.

How to change the number connected with BHIM application?

1] Goto settings > applications > clear information of Bhim application. Else uninstall and reinstall the application once more.

2] Open the application and follow up the instructions on the screen.

3] Grand all permissions for the app.

4]  Select the sim which is connected to your bank account during the time of mobile verification.

5] No OTP will be sent, rather you will be taken to enter the password.

6] Now pick your bank and this time you won’t confront any issues.

How to Solve BHIM app “transaction declined “problem?
  • Just dial *99*# from your registered mobile number
  • If you already registered means it will pop up a USSD menu (like while checking your balance)
  • Otherwise, you will receive a message to register your mobile number
  • Once choose your language you have set your pin in that option when you successfully set then you can use it with no worries.
How to Solve BHIM app “request balance“ problem after your login with your pin?
  • There are two layers of security with the BHIM app.
  • The first one is the 4-digit app passcode when you require to log in the app.
  • The second layer of security is your 6 digit UPI pin which needs to be set at the time adding a bank account.
  • In case you want to check your balance; you will require your 6 digit UPI pin.
How to Solve BHIM app “payment fails “problem?
  • Payment fails while after entering the correct pin and shows we entered the wrong pin.
  • This problem can be resolved by just updating your app to the latest version.


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