One wrong move could make you a victim of ransomware attacks. Aindriya marketing solutions wants be of help and show you how to guard yourself from such attacks and remain protected at all times.

So, what is Ransomware?

Ransomware is a virus created by criminals in the cyber world that is designed to encrypt your files and hold them for a ransom until that amount has been paid in full.

Ransomware, what it can do:

  • Block you from accessing your Windows
    (or iOS, Mac OS X, and Android)
  • Much like an infection it can infiltrate your network through other
    infected device connected to it.
  • Encrypt all your valuable files and render them useless.
  • Stop your apps from running (like your web browser)

On top of all this there is no guarantee that paying the ransom would recover your files.

Ransomware is not limited to your PC– Attacks have increasingly targeted server applications, databases, CMS (customer management systems) and shared file systems.

    Always remain prepared for an attack:

       Although it is possible to lower the threat of ransomware attacks, unfortunately it can never be neutralized completely. We have shown you that ransomware attacks are spreading to every industry that you can think about with services and manufacturing leading the heard. The costs are increasing as we speak. The best measure against these attacks is to be prepared for it if it does happen. Stay prepared by having your storage device set to automatically backup your data then you are ensured access to a copy of your valuable files if ever you get locked out of the original documents.

Ransomware infection on your PC will make its way to directly attached storage (USB storage / NAS) and render it locked/unusable. Keeping this in mind, some network protection agencies recommend performing an operation to connect the external HDD only during backup and then remove it after the process is completed.

Even then it has proven to be ineffective and stands to take time. Hence, Aidriya   a web designing company in kochi   proposes a backup method that uses the combination of NAS (TeraStation) and the external HDD. Check out the process given below and employ it to remain protected always.