New Web designing and development Trends in KOCHI

New Web designing and development Trends, with the evolution of websites from static to dynamic. From the mass scale adoption of WordPress based sites globally to the use of client-side scripting, even Cochin has kept her pace to be in line with the rest of the world.

The adoption of technology is huge and people are finding ways to make websites more innovative and resourceful. Now a day’s it is not just the beauty of a website that counts. The overall layout, interface, the speed, functionality and everything has to be top notch in order to earn applause from users and clients.

Websites are quickly becoming more intelligent with extended capabilities as the cloud evolves to become more or less like a human being on Red bull. For the best utilization of resources, websites are being created in Angular JS which gives a huge advantage as the load on the hosting service provider drop substantially as it is a client-side scripting software. Not just that Angular JS is being supported by Google and it already has in place a very strong community to support it. Node JS is another mentionable name in this list as it helps in handling a huge number of requests at the same time and your server will still stay up and be running without a nudge.

Php 7.0.0 is the latest version of PHP. This latest version with all the new improvements and the new version of the Zend engine comes with the largest update in PHP’s history since 2004 when PHP 5.0 was released. Php 7 gives us a much faster response time and a low memory usage which makes it extremely attractive. To get into the outstanding highlights one can say that PHP 7 is twice as fast as PHP 5. It uses much lesser memory with consistent 64-bit support.With a lot of things happening in the web world, we can see a huge wave happening in the markets.

At KOCHI you can find firms constantly updating to meet global client expectations and stay consistent in their performance.

How can I increase my Level of Programming?

How can I increase my Programming level : Learning to code:

People say that learning to code is hard, some say it’s easy, some say it’s not but there are still others who say that it’s like making Lemonade without the lemons and that can’t be done. To those who say it’s impossible, I say it is simple and I repeat that again and again SIMPLE! ONLY IF you learn to visualize it logically, which forms the base of good programming.

  1.  Learn to VISUALIZE! And have Fun with it.

Believe me! The biggest mistake that newbies make, is to treat the task of learning code as something monstrously difficult and something that would take ages to master. Going through chapters on coding is not going to get you anywhere but put you in a state of confusion until and unless you start tinkering with it. Put those codes into use and start experimenting with it! There is always a LOGIC to coding which you should be able to VISUALIZE. Try to walk through it as you go and never fear to experiment. (As a Tip, try to make a personal program with realistic goals. Above all HAVE FUN!)

  1. Do not skip CHAPTERS!

We have seen people rush through learning code, out of excitement or boredom they skip the first few chapters thinking that they are insignificant, not knowing that those chapters are the most important of all as they deliver sound fundamentals. You can’t construct a building without a strong foundation and it goes the same with code. To put it in a nut shell it is always better to learn to crawl before you learn to walk and then to run.

  1. Perfect your skills by coding on paper.

Learn to code on paper… That’s right, on paper by hand. People have this misconception that it is entirely useless to do coding on paper. Coding on paper has its limits but it also offers us immense benefits giving us pro programming skills. When you learn to code on paper your mind has to pay attention to details as you don’t have the compiler to say “I have got your back”. This sharpens your precision skills as you have to become the compiler yourself. Debugging your code and trying to understand the logic visually at every step. This sort of training increases your level of confidence, helping you prepare yourself for tests and interviews.

  1. Get help from seasoned experts or people with reasonably sound understanding.

I know that it’s hard for us to imagine that even Shake Spear must have been in somebody’s English class! But you know we all need idols to look forward to, someone to seek inspiration from or better still, learn from.

We have to swallow our egos and act with reason and take initiatives to clear our bugs to help from the pros. Do be warned that trying to solve it on your own at first will make you a better programmer than just saying “F1…F1…F1” (Help ! Help! Help!) at every roadblock you hit. If your programming mentors are passionate they would absolutely love to help others like them.

  1. You need to know when to step away from your work.

Let’s admit it we all do get stuck at some point or the other but then that’s how it is, spending hours at the same piece of code trying to make it work. But then a nice break might be the only reasonable way to fix it, as you might get a totally new perspective to solving that problem.

Please do not see coding as just work and end up doing everything mechanically, tinker with the code and have a bit of fun with it, and when you solve a problem on your own you might even have those “Aha” moments that make you more confident. Do not feel shy to experiment as this is what makes it pleasurable and kicks in the heart beat. As a rule, we rarely forget our best experiences and so make it yours!

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