Why websites are more important than apps?

Websites and Apps…! Websites are more important that compare to apps. Just imagine that you and your friend went for an outing to some distant place and your friend went missing. After searching for few hours, you became tired and came back to your room. By that time, your friend too returned to the room. This is because for both of you, your room is a common place that both of you know and both of you returns to take rest. Similarly, google is the common place where everyone come back and sits and search for what they are looking for and websites are the first door they open to find your business. If you don’t have a website, it means that you have closed your doors from Google and the internet and someone searching for you won’t be able to find you. They may find you accidentally from somewhere in the form of an app but they missed you most of the time even if you where right in front of their doors.

Most of the Apps actually runs on a website. Websites acts as the back-end for apps. Websites and its database are shared by the apps for retrieving information. Sometimes, apps can be an adaptation of the website itself in a mobile format. Responsive websites can be turned to an app within few hours.

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